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Auction website for agricultural related products:

You can announce a product at no cost
At the auction market of you have a chance, too, to sell your product at the best price possible, whether you are a grower with smaller or larger fields, representative of a processing plant or a dealer. With our assistance you can reach the international market, which has been available only at a high cost until now.

Searching for a product? You can make your bid for free!
For those who want to purchase a product the participation is completely free. If you are a dealer or representative of a processing plant for instance, you might as well purchase the entire quantity you need from direct sources. And you can do it at the best price, choosing from several competing offers. You have the possibility to find products that fulfill your special needs.

Reach directly the international markets you have considered unreachable so far
No more frustration about not being able to reach the global market because of its high cost demand. You, too, can be present at the international auction marketplace of

Your bids and offers appear in several foreign languages
Your bids and offers appear in Hungarian, English, German, and Russian on our website, so that your potential foreign partners can find and read them more easily.

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